Welcome new PONG members

Professional Opportunities Networking Group – “PONG” Welcome Letter

“A Contact Sport for Serious Job Seekers” – PONG Slogan

Mission Statement

PONG is a dynamic and interactive networking group for job seekers. Weekly meetings include roundtable introductions, resource/job lead sharing and advice from local career/professional development experts. The PONG slogan reflects the group’s emphasis on active participation in meetings.

When – Mondays, from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Where – Goodwill Community Services Center, 1400 Nike Dr., Waukesha (park on west side lower lot).

Who – All job seekers are welcome! Please silence your cell phones during the meeting.

Cost – FREE. RSVPs not required.

PONG Website – https://pongnetworkinggroup.wordpress.com

The following list of attachments and information are meant to assist new job seekers in getting ahead of the power curve and landing their next career opportunity.

    1. ELLIE’S LIST OF FREE SE WI JOB NETWORKING SUPPORT GROUPS (see attachment). Attend several if possible, as each networking group’s format is unique with different approaches and networking contacts. Also attend networking groups in your industry or business professional groups. You can find them on www.meetup.com or www.sparkpeople.com for another support group.
    2. 30-second elevator speech – Be prepared to give someone an idea of what you are looking for and your qualifications in a brief 30-second speech.
    3. Have business cards that highlight who you are, and what employment opportunities you are seeking. FREE cards can be obtained at www.vistaprint.com.
    4. Have a current/updated resume. Some sources to assist with resumes are the Goodwill Community Services Center and Waukesha County Technical College Workforce Development Center.
    5. Obtain a LinkedIn account. www.linkedin.com This is the social media outlet and database used by HR professionals and recruiters to search for candidates for open positions. Job seekers and professionals should set up a LinkedIn profile to network and assist in finding their next employment opportunity.
    6. Be prepared to give CAR stories. “Circumstance/Challenge, Action, Results”
    7. Things to think about having prepared ahead of time, before your next job interview:
      • 30 – 60 – 90 plan
      • Poster board with job questions preplanned
      • Books or websites:
      • Strength Finders 2.0
      • www.jobthoughts.com
      • “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success” Wayne Breitbarth
    8. Locations for job seeker assistance:
      • Waukesha County Technical College Workforce Development Center, 892 Main Street, Pewaukee
    9. A small list of websites and other sources for job seekers:

      State Workforce Boards – Local Newspapers
      Your school alumni

      Company website for employment opportunities

      IEEE Posting or other professional organization websites posting

      Facebook and Twitter post job opportunities

      Agencies – Headhunter/Recruiter – Search Firms

      Sources for contract to hire, staffing:

      Websites that show salary ranges for specific jobs:

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